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IMPORTANT: If you would like your order shipment delayed to a specific later date, please indicate these details for us in the note section of the cart page, or send us an email. Unless otherwise noted, all shipments will be sent as soon as they are prepared.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is local pickup and who can use it?
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Free local pick up is for DURHAM residents only. Or for anyone who would like to come to MY HOUSE and PICK UP their treats from the routinely-sanitized cooler on my front porch.

After placing an order, customers email me at to get my address and tell me when they would like to swing by. Pick up is very flexible except for in the evenings and on some weekends.

Before customers arrive I freshly-sanitize our Pick Up Cooler and place treats inside.

Holiday Pick Up for DURHAM Locals will be available Thursdays and Fridays, 4-6pm and Saturdays, 10am-12pm (excluding Thanksgiving Weekend.) Please email to notify us when to expect you so we can have your treats ready & waiting!

Can I order gifts for multiple destinations in the same transaction?
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Yes!! Hooray! When you “view cart” after adding your gifts, you will also be able to choose shipping to “multiple addresses” as well as add individual notes for each one.

Here are the detailed instructions:

Are any of your products gluten-free?
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While none of our products are CERTIFIED gluten-free, and we do make all of our products in a facility that also uses gluten, neither the Toffee, Brittled Nuts, or Happy
Cookies use any glutenous ingredients.

Can I enclose personal messages with gift boxes?
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YES!! Yes! Isn’t this the MOST important part!? We love passing along your personal expressions and sentiments! Just let us know what you would like to say in the notes section at checkout and we will make sure your recipient receives your message!

Companies sometimes choose to print out their own marketing and send it to us for enclosure as well.

Can I order chocolate products in hot weather or for hot destinations?
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Yes! During the summer months, shipping costs escalate because we VERY carefully insulate your products and tuck ice packs in around them. In the cooler months, shipping costs drop as this is no longer necessary—except for in the southernmost states.

Be sure to stay on the lookout for your delivery and get it out of the sun as soon as it arrives. And of course, you will be SO eager to do that anyway! YUM!