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We LOVE to THRILL our customer friends and promise to ship orders as soon as possible year-round. Please feel free to leave a note at checkout if you have any particular timing requests or needs!

Regarding warm months and locations . . . As we all know, dark-chocolated Durham Toffee is PRECIOUS! And, it can be just a wee bit needy, requiring EXTRA special shipping attention during hot sunny months (May-September in NC) and/or when being shipped to warm states year round.

The Durham Toffee Company ships all warm-weather shipments Monday through Wednesday only (holidays excluded) in insulator-lined boxes with ice packs. The customer’s cost is the carrier’s delivery fee PLUS $10 to cover the cost of these extra fabulous cooling supplies.

Customers are encouraged to sit by their front doors eagerly anticipating the arrival of their special treats and bring them in out of direct sunlight and heat as soon as possible!

IMPORTANT: As much as we want to please our customers, the extent of our responsibility and care cannot extend beyond our extra-careful packaging and strong recommendations to be on the lookout for your product.