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Our Sweet Story

Stirring up Sweet Gifts and Inspiring Connection

It’s what we LOVE to do here at the Durham Toffee Company.

We stir trucks-full of butter and sugar and chocolate all the days of our lives because we believe that relationships matter most and that beautiful gifts impact hearts.

All of our treats are created by hand in our certified home kitchen, amidst all the funky life, hilarity, and struggle that happens when seven people live and grow together. And this is the LOVE-ENERGY we adore sending along in every order —to each member of our Durham Toffee Family and to every friend!

Each of you matters to us! Thank you for joining our story and allowing us to be a part of YOURS!

Rebecca Burnett & Family
Creating and gifting beautiful things has always made my heart come alive. In 2008, as a single mom, I began making Christmas confections for gift cash in my very own kitchen with music and candles. FUN! And every year, my list of orders grew.
Our family grew in 2013 when my two boys and I married my husband David and his three girls. Crazy beautiful mess we are! David loves to dream with, and for, me. From the very beginning of our Burnett Bunch story, he encouraged me to take my toffee big time. Generally, I just chalked up his enthusiasm to LOVE. However, the seasonal momentum and toffee demand continued to grow.
After our most successful holiday season to-date(2015), I found myself rather openminded when my friend Elise called with an idea: Durham Toffee. I immediately ADORED the community and connection that this name invites! Shortly after, in February of 2016, we officially launched The Durham Toffee Company at Smitten Boutique in downtown Durham.
Our product line has expanded to include Brittled Nut Clusters and Durham Toffee MashUp. Additionally, Durham Toffee has found a home on the shelves of over 18 local stores, including three stores at RDU International Airport, connecting Durham with hearts world-wide!

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